One fine day,  dozing on my brothers couch, I heard the joyful sound of his children playing in the garden. I thought about how the presence of kids is akin to a visit by love itself. So I scribbled the line, One fine day love Came to visit on a scrap of paper. A few hours later I boarded a plane from Johannesburg to Cape Town. I took the paper from my pocket and waited for inspiration to flow. At the end of the flight I had the completed story. That was 4 years ago and the beginning of a creative journey that includedinput and collaborations with artists from Canada, South Africa and France.

I began by writing a musical score, once that was completed, together with the crew from A.F.S productions we began to work on a shortfilm interpretation of the story.

Taking the story into new media was the next step and together with Domino Digital a mind blowing interactive app was developed. Creating the possibility to interact with the illustrations and make musical compositions within the pages of the book. Providing a platform for kids to practice reading and experiment with sounds.