Mike Deall is a guitaraholic!  "The one thing that I love nearly as much as playing guitar is teaching others to love their guitars’ too. I teach both acoustic and electric guitar, and all I want to do all day is play... and I can make you feel the same way! Working at Woodstock Academy of Music brings together two of my absolute favorite things: music, and teaching! It's no academic secret that music is an incredibly powerful tool for emotional release, self-expression, self-exploration, stress reduction, not to mention the multitude of scientific and psychological research that supports the physical and cognitive advantages of music... What an amazing bonus that one of its most common uses in modern life is entertainment: Teaching is at its easiest when students are having fun!


I am currently in my 3rd year of Jazz Performance studies at the University of Cape Town. For the past 10 years I have been living my dream of playing the saxophone. I gig regularly in and around Cape Town. A few of my big gigs have been the opening of the Fan Fest on the Grand Parade for the 2010 Soccer World Cup, Grahamstown Jazz Festival (2010, 2011, 2013), Grand West Grand Arena (Zayne Adams, JAG, Peaches and Herb), Slick Swing (Alistair Izobel), Kat ‘n The Kings, as well as regular gigs at the Baxter Theatre and the Artscape Theatre. I am enthusiastic about teaching and sharing my passion and knowledge with others. 


Diana Neille is a 27-year-old violinist and vocalist from Johannesburg. She began her musical training at the age of four, going on to studymusic at arts school and receiving her Diploma in Violin Performance
from the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music during herlast year of high school.Since then, Diana has performed in concert halls in Europe, The United States and Japan with several orchestras and ensembles, including a benefit performance of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony at Carnegie Hall in
New York City. As a vocalist, Diana received classical training, before choosing to specialise in jazz and swing in her early twenties. She is currently furthering her performance and musical theatre training at the Waterfront Theatre College in Cape Town, where she is the affiliate company's female vocalist.


Lee is a well-known Cape Town based musician. He has worked with Springbok Nude Girls, Freshlyground, Fuzigish, Goldfish and Hog Hoggidy Hog. Lee Started playing at 15 years old and went to SACS high school and has studied under various teachers including Ian Smith, Roy Lilley, Mike Blake, Sean Kierman and Brendan Kierman. He went to Beau Soleil music school and completed his degree in Jazz Performance at UCT college of music. He was on the Deans merit list. He has done a number of international gigs and has featured at every major South African Music Festival and has also toured around Asia, Europe and South America with various bands. He has a strong interest in jazz and over the last year has become quiet interested in electronic music.  


27 Year old Nicholas Williams is the recent runner up in the prestigious SAMRO music competition, he has performed with a host of South African greats, including Vicky Samson. Recently returning from touring in Europe Nicholas is a musicians who is both innovative and rooted in the Jazz tradition. His Bass concept comes from his love for groove. Studying with a classical teacher has given him a very solid technique and he is able to work with students from beginner all the way through to advanced. As a pianist he has performed with a host of South African greats and has toured several times in Europe.

Martinique Du Toit - Vocal

Since the first day Martinique stood on top of a restaurant table and sang an improvised comical opera version of three blind mice, she knew singing will be be her lifelong passion. So it was then that her parents signed her up for classical training at the age of nine.  University proved this devotion to music and singing as she decided to study music at Stellenbosch University Conservatoire with singing as her first instrument, under Magdalena Oosthuizen. Her classical training went hand in hand with her passion for writing and performing music as she joined and started numerous alternative bands. 
"I want to help singers connect with their inner instruments on a level that provides them with the confidence to sing in a style that is true to themselves. The most important thing is not to try and change the voice to suite a prescribed sound, but to find the technique within oneself that best reflects and compliments ones personality and singing ability." 
Lessons will specialize in strengthening and training of the body, mind and voice to benefit and improve the instruments capability, as well as performance techniques, stage confidence, both on and off microphone techniques and a strong focus on the individualism of the student in question.


Saxophonist, Composer and Writer Rus Nerwich was born inJohannesburg, South Africa, He began playing Saxophone at the age of 17. After a year of travelling and busking he enrolled in the University of Cape Towns Jazz Studies program under the tutelage of Rene Mc Lean.  Influenced and inspired by different people and cultures Nerwich began recording in 2003 and released As Above So Below a selection of original compositions. Early 2004 he recorded Beyond the Walls, a unique project that explored the music written in the Ghetto’s and Camps during the second World War. This project toured extensively in South Africa and began touring in Europe with frequent visits to Czech Republic and Belgium. In 2006 Nerwich released Mantras4ModernMan a eclectic fusion of World Music influences mixed with semetic traditional melody and Grooves. Nerwich returned to perform in France, Portugal and Israel and in 2008 saw the release of the SAMA nominated album Under The Poetree. This was Nerwich’s first exploration of the electronic medium and the birth of a fusion of Nerwich’s poetry, hip hop and funk influences, mixed with modern Jazz and improvised music.  . Nerwich’s latest album The Wondering Who was released December 2013. With a broad and diverse musical taste and an ever searching nature Rus has also collaborated with a host of celebrated musicians, bringing his passion and strong sound to several bands and projects.